Gente loca.

viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Día 21: dasfgasgf

I never dreamed that 
I could fall 
But something's come 
Over me 

Now I'm sittin' starin' 
At the wall 
Afraid for my sanity 

The sound of your voice 
The touch of your skin 
It's hauntin' me 
I'm still tryin' to come 
To my senses 

But I can't look back 
So I'm takin' my chances 

I wanna give you my heart 
Give you my soul 
I wanna lay in your arms 
Never let go 
Don't wanna live my 
Life without you
But I know when you're gone 
Like a fire needs a spark 
Like a fool in the dark 
I'll cry for you 

Wonderin' why I'm 
Runnin' scared 
From what I belive in 
I know that love 
Is just another word 
To say what I'm feelin'

For once in my life 
The future is mine 
It's callin' me 
I've been searchin' so long 
For an answer 
But it's too late now 
So I'm takin' my chances 

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